Nail Repair Gel

Nail Repair Gel

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   Repairs cracked nails instantly.

   Provides a transparent protective layer on the nails.

   Extremely resistant, flexible, loaded with vitamins, and suitable for all types of nails.

   Visible effects from the first application.

   Painlessly repairs nails.

   Accelerates nail recovery speed.

   Long-lasting repair: more than 45 days.

   Possibility to apply nail polish on the repaired areas.

   Eco-friendly product, harmless to human body and nail bed.

   Suitable for natural nails, UV gel nails, acrylic nails, etc.

Protocol of use:

   Apply the Repair Gel to the crack in the nail.

•   Let it dry for a few minutes.

•   Correct the shape of your nails.

•   Polish the top to obtain a perfectly smooth surface.

•   Apply a top coat.