How does nail repair gel work exactly?

Her Cosmetics Nail Repair Gel

The nail, a complex and protective structure, is subject to various issues such as breakage or splitting, leading to the development of specialized products like nail repair gel. This study aims to delve into the workings of this gel, focusing on its key active ingredients and their action on the nail structure. Additionally, we will explore the underlying biological mechanisms involved in nail regeneration and health, to better understand how the gel interacts with these natural healing processes. By providing an in-depth analysis of these aspects, this research aspires to offer a precise and detailed insight into the effectiveness of nail repair gel, thereby giving consumers and healthcare professionals a more informed understanding of its usage and potential benefits in maintaining nail health and vitality.


1-Description of nail structure and common problems

Nail anatomy

The nail is a complex structure composed of different parts. The visible part of the nail is called the nail plate, which is composed of keratin, a fibrous protein. Beneath the nail plate lies the nail bed, where nail cells are produced. At the base of the nail is the matrix, which is responsible for nail growth. Cuticles surround the base of the nail and act as a protective barrier against infections.

Main issues encountered: Breakage, Splitting, Lifting

Breakage: Nail breakage can occur due to various factors such as excessive handling, exposure to harsh chemicals, or deficiency in essential nutrients like biotin.

Splitting: Nail splitting occurs when the layers of keratin in the nail separate, usually due to dehydration, excessive use of harsh chemicals, or repeated trauma.

Lifting: Nail lifting occurs when the nail separates from its bed, often due to fungal infection, trauma, or underlying skin conditions.

Common nail issues can have health and aesthetic consequences:

- Health: Brittle, split, or lifted nails may be more prone to infections. Additionally, these issues may be indicative of nutritional deficiencies or underlying medical conditions such as thyroid disorders or skin diseases.

- Aesthetic: Brittle, split, or lifted nails can affect the aesthetic appearance of hands and feet, which can impact self-confidence and self-image.

2-How does nail repair gel work?

Nail repair gel is designed to strengthen and repair damaged nails. Here's how it generally works:

Strengthening: The gel contains special ingredients such as polymers or fibers that adhere to the nail surface and form a protective layer. This strengthens the nail and helps prevent breakage and tearing.

Repairing: Some nail repair gels also contain nourishing and repairing agents like keratin or vitamin E. These ingredients penetrate the nail to strengthen it from the inside and help repair damage.

Protection: In addition to strengthening and repairing nails, the gel can also act as a protective barrier against external aggressors such as water, household chemicals, and light impacts, which helps prevent further damage.

Application: Nail repair gel is usually applied directly to the nails, either as a quick-drying gel or as a transparent finishing coat. It's often used as a base or as an additional protective layer on top of nail polish.

At Her Cosmetics, the nail repair gel offers a comprehensive solution to strengthen, repair, and protect damaged nails. By combining specially formulated ingredients such as strengthening polymers and nourishing agents like keratin and vitamin E, our gel works deep to restore nail health and resilience. The easy and quick application allows for convenient daily use, providing an effective protective barrier against external aggressors. Whether as a base for nail polish or as a transparent protective layer, our nail repair gel ensures visible and long-lasting results, offering stronger, healthier, and more beautiful nails. With Her Cosmetics, give your nails back their vitality and shine.